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The first call for investment



Novi Sad, 24. April 2017

Association "AGROPROFIT", within which operates a group of experts "Agroexit", has developed its first review for possible investments in Serbia for 2017:

·       Biodiesel production (sustainable production, construction of new facilities for the processing or recommendation of the existing oil mills (two or three are being sold).

·       Building of program for processing medicinal herbs.

·       Lease of village houses for outdoors and work on a small farm around the house.

·       Growing and processing of spelled wheat.

·       Utility fattening - import for export.

·       The formation and location of the herd for breeding cattle in the cow-calf system.

·       Building of hens’ ekofarm.

·       Raising the farm for milking sheep using pastures.

Interested companies and investors questions and requests for these topics can submit to the following e-mail address: agroprofit.udruzenje@gmail.com.

It is necessary to state the precise questions with detailed explanation.

Space and time frames for individual investments are limited.